ООО «O’zavtosanoat-Leasing»



Leasing Company Ltd.
«O'zavtosanoat-Leasing» was founded in accordance with
Presidential Decree
The Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-531 from 14.12.2006, To
facilitate replenishment and renewal
commercial vehicle fleet of the country.


To date, the leasing company «O'zavtosanoat-Leasing» is among the three largest leasing companies of Uzbekistan and is a leader in the financing of projects in the transport sector.

Financial leasing for the purchase of commercial vehicles granted financially stable business entities (legal entities) in the conditions of urgency, repayment and interest payment.

The main activity of commercial vehicles LC LLC «O'zavtosanoat-Leasing» is a financial leasing of domestic production (buses, trucks, specialized equipment manufacturing JV «JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan» and «Samarkand Automobile Plant"), as well as specialized equipment foreign production.

The aim of the leasing company is to contribute to the renewal and replenishment of the fleet of commercial vehicles and specialized machinery business entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
LC LLC «O'zavtosanoat-Leasing» is not focused on high incomes, it is focused on accessibility and convenience for potential lessees.

The company operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the terms of consideration of leasing project did not exceed 5 working days from the date of the lessee of a full package of necessary documents.

Over the years, LK LLC «O'zavtosanoat-Leasing» has built its excellent reputation and now occupies a leading position in the sector of leasing services in Uzbekistan is in the top 3 leading leasing companies and owns the largest leasing portfolio for commercial vehicles.

The company aims to consolidate the market position of the high and a further increase in the share of popular segments by offering customers leasing services that meet international quality standards

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